OnCampus Healthcare

OnCampus Healthcare: Exclusive Medical Insurance for UNIVERSITY STUDENTS IN SPAIN.

If you are an incoming student at any of the universities listed in our dropdown, we offer you medical insurance on the best terms, widely accepted for visa procedures and stay renewals:

  • 100% coverage of medical expenses within the Medical Chart in Spain, without limit
  • No copayments

  • No waiting periods

  • With the possibility of including relatives under the same conditions.

  • Includes medical repatriation or in case of death

Includes very extensive complementary guarantees of Travel Assistance both in Spain and for temporary trips to other countries (less than 90 days), such as:

  • Emergency medical assistance abroad up to 30,000 euros

  • Family member travel in case of hospitalization.

  • Legal assistance

  • Civil liability

Pre-existing conditions are covered as long as the period for which you contract the policy coincides with your stay within the academic year, bearing in mind that:

  • The start date can be within 30 days prior to the start date of the academic year.

  • The end date can be within two months after the end date of the academic year.

  • If you do not meet these conditions, the company will require you to complete a health questionnaire. Consult here when it is not necessary to cover this questionnaire.

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